Our Situation
Since we operate from our home, in a residential neighborhood, we are obligated to limit the amount of business-related traffic. This has spurred us on to find other distribution channels.

Local Customer Pick-Up
Thanks to supportive friends and business owners, we are able to offer several methods of distributing  to local customers free-of-charge:

Whitewater Pick-up Points:

Fort Atkinson Pick-up Points:

Elkhorn Pick-up Points:

Local Delivery
If you live within the following city limits, the following delivery fees are applicable: 


Order is $20 or more

Order is less than $20

Whitewater, WI

No charge


Fort Atkinson, WI




USPS Shipping
Our shipping costs are those charged by USPS. The handling/packaging costs are included in the product price. We recommend bulk orders to minimize shipping costs per pound of product. Here are a few examples: 


(Origin zip code: 53190)

Amount ordered [units]

Product Weight [lbs]

Shipping cost [$]

Shipping cost per pound [$/lb]

Green Bay, WI 54313 (Zone 2)

1 pouch




Green Bay, WI 54313

2 pouches




Green Bay, WI 54313

3 pouches




Green Bay, WI 54313

4 pouches




Green Bay, WI 54313

5 pouches









Green Bay, WI 54313 (Zone 2)

1 bulk order




Rochester, MN 55905 (Zone 3)

1 bulk order




Sioux City, IA 51101  (Zone 4)

1 bulk order





Shipping cost calculation takes into account added weight of packaging
Examples of other destinations considered Zone 2:   Western Springs, IL;  Portage, MI