Local Pickup

Our granola is sold by the pouch at Jones Market in Fort Atkinson.

Local Pick-up (pre-ordered to pick up in Whitewater, Fort Atkinson or Elkhorn):
Since we operate from our home, in a residential neighborhood, we are obligated to limit the amount of business-related traffic. Thanks to supportive friends and business owners, we are able to offer several distribution methods free-of-charge. Pick-up location and time will be worked out (via email or phone) after placing your order.

Whitewater Pick-up Points:

Fort Atkinson Pick-up Points:

Elkhorn Pick-up:

Prearranged Exchange
We can also meet you at a mutually convenient location (e.g., farmers market, or wherever our paths cross)

Home Delivery:
We can bring orders to your home for a nominal fee: 


Order is $20 or more

Order is less than $20

Whitewater, WI

No charge


Fort Atkinson, WI