Our Nutrition Philosophy

Nutritional Thoughts


Each person's body has its own metabolism, which regulates and limits the degree to which their digestive system can effectively utilize the food they eat.  Most of us (thankfully) don't have to worry about whether we'll reach the point of satisfying our hunger, but rather how we'll satisfy it. Our intentions are good: We want to meet nutritional needs in the course of satisfying our hunger. Unfortunately, cravings or a lack of time tempt us to eat in an unbalanced manner (consume an excess of certain food groups, leaving no "room" for others), or simply eating more than what our systems can effectively utilize.

                Bakery products can be especially problematic in this sense. Although they have the potential to contribute important components to a balanced diet (whole grains), they often unnecessarily contain large proportions of sugar and/or fat (or chemical substitutes thereof), and little or no whole grains.

                In talking to other bakers, we've found bakeries being economically swayed to baking less-healthy products; that is, people's buying decisions appear to be based more on  their palates than their knowledge of nutrition. We believe products can be baked nutritiously  without sacrificing taste, and that for many people the transition to not only eating, but enjoying nutritious items is possible. We stress the word transition, and hope we'll be able to offer baked goods that, while tasting somewhat different than what they've grown accustomed to, can eventually be more enjoyable to eat.


Examples of substitutions we make:

·         Fresh fruit as a substitute for sugar

·         Whole grains as a partial substitute for white flour

·         Substituting cream cheese or a starch-milk thickener for butter in frosting, resulting in significantly less fat, more protein, and a lighter consistency.

·         Fat replacement via skim milk and egg whites




Q: Are your granolas gluten-free?

A: While we do not intentionally add ingredients to our granola recipes
which are known to contain gluten, we have not sourced certified gluten-free
ingredients either. The granola is prepared in our home bakery, which is/will
be used to bake wheat-based products. However, the oven and baking/storage
containers we use to bake the granola are used exclusively for granola.

Q: Do you have other flavors of granola planned?

A: We're at an early stage of product development, and are open to suggestions.
Granola is VERY flexible in this sense. If you have a favorite combination of ingredients,
we would be more than happy to bake a custom batch (4 lbs minimum) for you.

Q:  How can I stop my husband from eating my granola so fast?

A:  It's becoming a common complaint from women, who, while savoring their precious
granola by adding reasonable portions to their yogurt, are noticing their husbands
dumping half the pouch into their cereal bowl.

We offer three options:

  1. Fight for your granola. You bought it, and he needs to practice some self-control.
    However, if you want to avoid conflict in your marriage, try option 2...
  2. Hide your granola. Put a secret stash somewhere he won't think of looking.
    Of course, you'll need to wait till he's gone to eat it, or sit in your closet enjoying your breakfast...
  3. Tell him to buy a bulk order; it's less expensive. Then tell him it has to last at least one month,
    and he needs to stop mooching from you!

Q: May we just swing by your home and pick up our items there? 

A: Unfortunately, we are not permitted to sell our goods directly from our home.
We may produce them there (we have an occupational permit), but to respect our
neighbors in this residential area, and abide by our city ordinances, we must use 
other market avenues to distribute product.

Q: Do you have a retail store front planned?

A: We want to wait until the business "proves itself" before making such an investment.
Please see our "SHIPPING" menu to get an overview of currently options. We also attend
city/farmers markets in Whitewater and Fort Atkinson.

About Us

Our Purpose:


                We exist to improve the health of the community in which we live. We want to help families establish good eating habits when it comes to baked goods, and help people (like ourselves) enjoy baked products without worrying about the effects on our weight and circulatory system. In a nutshell, it's about using simple, real, and recognizable ingredients in their natural state. We strive to reduce the proportions of fat and sugar used in many of today's baked products, yet without compromising the taste and pleasure of eating fresh baked goods.

                Life isn't just about eating or working, however. We desire to befriend and encourage those we come into contact with. As Christians, we're called to serve those around us, and conduct business with integrity, honesty, and diligence.When financially feasible, we desire to give back to the community by contributing to fund-raisers and local food pantries. We feel called to help people in less prosperous parts of the world, by contributing to projects aimed at meeting such fundamental needs as clean water, sanitation, food, shelter, and medical care.


Our Commitment to the Environment  


We care about the condition of the earth, because we believe we're stewards thereof. Perhaps because America has affordable resources, we're not very good at conserving them. As a business, we strive to counter this trend by being efficient with our resources:

·         We operate out of our home to save energy (our ovens help heat our home)

·         We bake-to-order to reduce waste

·         We use semi-automated processes to reduce scrap (fewer failed batches)


The Personal Side


Our bakery is a reflection of who we are. From her childhood, Therese helped her mother prepare food for her nine brothers on the farm. Later, she served as head cook for a summer camp. Therese has always been experimenting in the kitchen and aims to please her guests.  Jim, on the other hand, is an engineer at heart. The engineer thinks often about efficiency (resources and labor), loves to investigate new methods, and is concerned with a sanitary process.  Both Therese and Jim spent several years in Germany, experiencing the home and commercial side of European baked goods, appreciating both the art and science of baking. Together, we are motivated to use our God-given gifts to improve the welfare of those around us.


Our Business Approach


                The bakery market has made significant shifts in the past decades. A shift from "Ma & Pa bakeries" to large industry players with wide distribution channels has resulted in a less flexible, more centralized source of what we eat. Preservatives have become commonplace to bridge the time lag between production and sale. More and more small town bakeries are going by the wayside, as consumers opt for the convenience and price of trucked-in goods. The local baker can seldom compete from a cost perspective, prompting many small-town bakeries to go out of business.

                The artisan bakers have come to the forefront, bringing "old world" and "handmade" techniques to light. We not only respect and appreciate the artisans in our midst, especially for their contribution to reviving the art of baking, but also benefit from their advice and knowledge. We aim to emulate the artisan in many of our products, but we also realize not all people can afford "100% artisan" products. By their very nature, artisan products need to be priced high to cover the artisan's labor and profit - or the business is not sustainable. This prompts us to ask: "Is it feasible to reach a broader segment of people who may not be able to access or afford locally-baked items?" 

                We believe a compromise is possible, using healthy grains and home-spun recipes. To keep the costs down, we apply some technology and creativity, along with efficient ordering and distribution channels. In short, we reduce the labor to enable the production of affordable, yet healthy products. A healthy product, in our opinion, is primarily a function of ingredients - we desire to use the best quality and preferably locally-produced items.  




Wood Street Bakery
409 E. Cravath St.
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